Below are a few testimonials given to us by our customers

Sakshi Kapoor Feb 7, 2020
NZ Connexions Pvt Ltd is a group of highly skilled people and are extremely reliable. My decision to pursue Master’s degree was really last moment but NZ Connexions helped me turn this dream into reality. Mr. Kishore, the one who leads NZ Connexions is a great guide and mentor. He not only helped me with selection of the course but motivated me during this journey. My student visa case was eventually handled by Nirav and he was readily available during the documentation process. Getting my visa was free of hazel and credit goes to Nirav and the team. Nirav has good subject expertise and the potential to handle complex situations really well. I cannot thank him enough for dealing with all our questions so patiently and providing a quick response. Nirav has been very proactive during the entire process and continues to support even after the visa has been procured. I will highly recommend Nirav as a case manager and NZ Connexions Pvt. Ltd for any assistance with New Zealand student visa. Thank you for all your hard work team and wishing you all the best for future. Keep up the great work !(via email)

Jagannath Radhakrishnan Jan 20, 2020
I am very much enthused to write to express my profound gratitude to you and the entire team at NZconnexions. I very much appreciate the team’s effort for getting the documentation done and following up for my student visa and my family dependant visa. We went through a long wait time and those were frustrating times, but your staff comforted us and kept us honest. Those were tense moments but now when I look back, the way your team handled the situation professionally is commendable. A BIG thankyou to the entire team. (via email)

Kunal Muthe Jan 14, 2020
What was looking like a mission 4 months back, now it is a success story and it has only been possible with the serious dedication by Mr. Kishore & Dr. Manju in my entire process of admission and visa . When i stumbled upon NZ Connexions website and read the information, I instantly knew how professional they are with what they are doing. I took a leap of faith and decided to go ahead with them. The meticulous planning and execution of my student visa application process was done very well. Special thanks to Ayana for her step by step guidance throughout the process. She carry profound knowledge and expertise in the areas she is handling. I am really amazed with the level of commitment she put into every case. It has been an amazing journey with NZ Connexions and I highly recommend them to those who want to study in New Zealand and peruse their career dreams. (via email)

Jai Kocharekar Dec 10, 2019
I would like to start with a big and huge thank you to NZ Connexions but I am sure I can’t be thankful enough as my visa was next to impossible to be granted but NZ Connexions made it work for me. I had 2 rejections on my Section 61 and before that I had an employer assissted visa rejection. That is the time I came back to India. After that I had one more rejection on my partnership visa. But inspite of all the rejections….read more

Jyoti Jaisinghani Dec 11, 2019 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank NZ connexions for helping us achieve our goals. They are thorough professionals and will give you the right advice from day one. Kishore Sir is a pioneer in this business and his guidance has definitely helped us take the right decision. Dr Manju pays attention to every detail and will not submit your application until she is convinced that everything is in order. Special thanks Ayana and Nirav who made the documentation process seamless. They are extremely hardworking and were very supportive and motivating throughout the entire process. They assisted us with all our queries and entertained our calls any time of the day despite being busy with so many applications. I would certainly recommend NZ Connexions to anyone who is planning to move to NZ as a student or a resident.(via email)

Hepsy Sunayana Bathina Dec 4, 2019 

Warm wishes to ” victorious team” which is proven once again in my case. My heart full thanks to Kishore sir , Ayana and the entire crew. NZ connexions created a path for my career development. You filled the gap between my dreams and reality. From the day When I contacted you by a phone call till the end of Visa processing you helped me in the entire process. I didn’t even expect that I will get offer letter with in 3 days from the date of application has been sent. You people have an true knowledge about where and what to do with proper checklist. Kishore sir is excellent in his work. Even he goes through the finest of every single document that we submit. When I missed out doing something things to submit Ayana took care about it. She is so dedicated person and did everything on time with perfect accuracy at Visa lodgement. I’m sorry at times I just irritated you with many doubts and questions. But you were never tired of answering me 24/7. Your processing time is no lesser than a jet speed. It was so very glad to be a part with successful team like you. I am the happiest girl now to get my Visa on Dec 3rd ’19. This is what I waited for and truly appreciate entire team. Thank you for all your support and patience through out the whole process of my student visa. (via email)

Melwyn Noronha Aug 31, 2019 

Thank you very much for the services by you and your team. You and your team helped me in every minute details with regards to my Student Visa. It was definitely a great surprise and the best news for me. The team was fantastic and supportive, professional and the whole process was made so much easier for me to get Student Visa. I will definitely be recommending your services to others(via email)

Shashi Kumar Bhat Aug 26, 2019 

Let me thank you for facilitating an opportunity to study with EIT and the programme which I wished to pursue. Depsite of the Visa issues, your push to immigration has helped a lot to get the student visa to join the programme from Day 1. I will be surely availing NZ related further visa services from you to bring my family to NZ next year. As your services are very prompt and judicious, I would like to retain your services in future as well. Convey my regard to all your staff, who were kind enough to support during my visa processing phases.(via email)

Harifa Banu Ponthala May 12, 2019 

I am very thankful to you, Akanksha and your team for helping me in getting admission with Toi Ohomoi Institute of technology and securing the student visa for NZ. You have been always available, providing guidance and helping out to expedite the process. I am happy that I made the right choice in connecting with you in my pursuit of studying in NZ. I highly appreciate you for taking the time, efforts, being highly organized and professionals in your work and making things happen for me. The experience you carry in this field and dedication to the student’s need is much appreciated which has been one of the primary reasons for a smooth immigration process. I am hoping to achieve my goals by making this move and looking forward to your support for future immigration needs.(via email)

Kapil Patil May 8, 2019 

I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you both have spent in processing my visa application on highest priority especially when I was in a difficult family situation. Once again, I respect the immense knowledge and expertise you have, when we talk about NZ visa application process. It’s really commendable to see how you organize your time and inspire your team members to move forward. Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me in the critical situation. Lastly I would like to thank all the NZ Connexions staff (including outdoor staff) who directly and indirectly helped to complete my application ASAP.(via email)

Roshan Warghat March 8, 2019

I am Roshan Warghat, a engineering graduate(Information Technology) by qualification but was working in O&G industry till my last job. Nothing was working well and I tried for Canada but unfortunately my visa got rejected there. Then we got involved with NZ Connexions Pvt Ltd and Kishore sir when I applied for New Zealand by their guidance and I should tell that Sir has been a gem and Nirmala Madam who had the patience to listen all my silly questions and answering them with a smile always. Thank you so much and I’m here in Auckland for my Masters in Computers and Information Sciences from Auckland University of Technology(AUT), a level-9 course for February intake-2019….(via email)

Adrian De Souza Feb 1, 2019 

We were thinking of making a change from the hectic and stressful life of Mumbai. We found your company through the New Zealand Immigration website and decided to come over to meet you and explore what it would be like to live in New Zealand for a few years. When we met you at the end of July 2018, we absorbed everything that you told us in great detail. We returned to meet you once again in August 2018, decided to take the plunge and leave Mumbai for Auckland. My wife Sylvia even decided to study there, pursuing her Masters in Early Childhood Education. It took us hardly one month to put all our documents together under your guidance, with the support of your office. Sylvia got her admission and student visa within a month and left Mumbai for Auckland on the 4th of October 2018. I got my work visa within 7 working days and our three children got their domestic student visas immediately thereafter. We traveled to Auckland later, on 15th January 2019. Our 3 children have got admission into the local schools, have started attending school and love it here. Everything is made so easy, in getting our IRD (PAN), mobile SIM cards, bank accounts, etc. We have rented a beautiful house, bought a car and are settling in quickly. Sylvia plans to take up a job during her summer break and I will also take up a full time job thereafter. All this has happened so quickly, yet seamlessly. We wish to appreciate the professional approach of NZ Connexions Private Limited, and to you Kishore Sadarangani in particular. Your ability to understand our situation overall and guide us to the finest detail is highly recommendable. We also highlight the friendly yet efficient manner in which your team of Madhavi and Nirmala helped us to put together all our documents within a very short span of time. If we decide to file for permanent residence, we would not hesitate to contact you once again. …(via email)

Om Prakash, Aruhsi Rao, and Samaira Elizabeth Jan 17, 2019
We would like to thank you and the staff for all the hard work in helping us to obtain New Zealand Residence Visa. It was an uphill task and was not possible without you, and your staff appreciated hard work. During the whole process, we observe Mr. Kishore Sadarangani is one of the exceptional New Zealand immigration licensed advisor in the country. He and his team have vast experience, and everyone is very supportive and cooperative.. ...read more

Munjal Patel Jan 4, 2019
Thank you for taking up our case for a visitors visa to New Zealand. I really appreciate the promptness and clarity we have had over the phone. You exceeded my expectations of getting the work done within the prescribed time. I used to get regular updates of the progress in our application. ...read more

Ragav Ramakrishnan Dec 23, 2018
I reached NZ and I am enjoying my trip. Thank you very much for all your help and advise despite me reaching out to you late after submitting my application. I am well aware that this process would have not been so quick and smooth without your guidance and support. I admire your professionalism and clarity in the process.
Rest assured that you will be my recommendation and point of contact for any future NZ visa related inquiries. I have attached a copy of the visa / letter I received from immigration New Zealand…(via email)

Ashish Das Nov 19, 2018
I am writing this letter of appreciation with all of my heart and gratitude for the entire NZ Connexions team and especially you. I have been in touch with your company for almost a year now and my journey starting from the scratch till I got the visa has been a roller coaster ride because I knew my case was tough.
Since last year, NZ Connextions helped me searching the most appropriate course that suits my experience, got my admission done and assisted me in all paper work. Once my funds were arranged, I was running out of time as my intake date was approaching, but still you and your team took extra efforts to get my AIP. I really want to thank you that even when you were in Australia on vacations, you were approachable and helped me whenever necessary. Last but not the least, a very special thanks to Ms. MADHAVI PEREIRA for going an extra mile and helping me in my entire visa processing. She truly believed that there are no traffic jams on the extra mile. She has been very instrumental and done everything possible to ensure that I get my visa ...read more

Shivani and Vikrant Nov 18, 2018
Our journey started from the day we came to meet you at your office to know the procedure of applying NewZealand visa for my husband and son.You and your team gave us warm welcome and explained us entire process of documentation and visa application. We were well guided by you with the visa process and also with the next steps after me getting students visa. Your experience and guide have helped me a lot. While applying we got to know about my husbands medical case. We had a huge question what needs to be done do we go a head or stop the process. We had many questions and our everything just went on stop mode. It was you who discussed with me for long and asked me to go ahead with the application. You and your team supported us on every step. You gave us update almost everyday. You had faith and kept giving us hope to get my husbands visa. It was all your efforts and the exchange of emails which you did on our behalf to explain the New Zealand visa officer aware on the medical background, and made our case strong for the final outcome. It took almost 2 months to convince the officers and finally you gave us the news that we will get the visa.Today we are so happy that we are together every day we think of all the days when we had not received any communication from the visa officer. It was your efforts due to which me and my family are together in New Zealand. I have no words but want to thank you and your team taking so much interest in my case even after having so many other cases in your hand. You give each case personal attention and give your 101% to get the case closed. I would definitely recommend you to my friends who would want to come in New Zealand. I would also require your help in future when i shall apply for my work visa and permanent residency. I have full confidence in you knowing my situation you will give your 110% to have my work visa and permanent residency done. Me and my family is thankful to you for everything. Special thanks to Madhavi for keeping her patience in our case. (via email)

Shweta Shinde Oct 31, 2018
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help in getting NZ Visas for myself and my Family . When I visited you , I did not have any knowledge of the visas and process. Your team has guided me efficiently with the whole process right from documents to visa interview and tickets. Its really helpful to have someone who has comprehensive knowledge. I have received expert advice from Overseas Migration at every step in the process of migration to NZ . You proactively went an extra step in completing all the formalities . Your whole team is highly efficient and professional. Special thanks to Nirmala and Madhavi for all their hard work in making my dream come true…(via email)

Leeroy and Sunita Pinto Sep 12, 2018
Hope this mail finds you and your team in the best of health and everything that life can offer. My wife joins me in expressing our sincere gratitude to you for “MAKING IT HAPPEN”. I begin to wonder how Gods plan unfolded with your intervention in the process which was long overdue. There are times I pinch myself to see ‘Hey I’m in New Zealand’. The speed at which our case was handled despite the hurdles you envisaged is amazing. We are really happy that within a short span of 60 days we got our visas, starting from scratch. I know of cases here in New Zealand that spouses are still awaiting their visas. We are kind of settling in on the stay, commuting etc, while the job search goes on. On the Academic front EIT is a nice place, the learning module is all research based and I’m enjoying it while going thru the grind. Sunita’s job search continues while she was able to get employed by INZ Ayurveda last week, however due to contractual obligations not being followed by the employer we are not sure about continuing. We have managed to get our IRD, Bank accounts opened, hired car since 15 Aug, etc . Also planning to get a car as per your advise coz having a vehicle really saves a lot of money and energy on Public Transport. Life here is fun and Chilly, excellent living style and conditions all systematic and disciplined. Will make a call to you in the next few days. Special thanks to Nirmala and Madhavi for always keeping up our spirits. (Hard working gals, Kudos and hats off to both of you, May God always Bless you.). Jai Ho Kishore Sir and Team…(via email)

Oswald, Belinda and Isaiah Joseph Apr 23, 2018
I hold a very high regard for you and your team for your valued effort and time, that made it possible for my wife, myself and my teenage son to move to NZ. Ours was a complicated case as my wife had to go first for a study course. ...read more

Anisa & Rafiq Pirani Mar 13, 2018
At the outset, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your precious and unending support to get the Visa approval for my Wife, Anisha. At a time, when we had lost all hopes, you came as guiding angel and helped us making our dreams come true. It’s because, of you that we can be together and realize our dreams of a better future. Although, there were numerous challenges and hindrances, you guided us and took us by our hands to overcome and resolve every single problems that came our way. ...read more

Om Prakash, Samaira Elizabeth and Aruhsi Rao January, 2018 Om Prakash, Samaira Elizabeth and Aruhsi Rao would like to thank you and your staff so much for all the hard work in helping us obtain New Zealand study and work visa…...read more

Zamati Ltd November, 2017
I’m A. Wilhelm Zabern the Creative Director of Zamati Technology Ltd which has been searching for a production manager for a client of ours in New Zealand. We found the suitable person in India and needed an immigration consultant to arrange the formalities which are required for the visa application. We used NZ Connexions Pvt Ltd Immigration Consultant and Mr. Kishor Sadarangani – Director and Patricia Miranda – Manager (Counselling) did an excellent job in securing a successful outcome on the application even there were some major challenges to overcome with the New Zealand Immigration Department. …..read more

Sancia & Acquino Dsilva July 15, 2017
Before I express my gratitude toward your company I would want to sincerely apologize for the delay in appreciating your efforts. I am very thankful to you for your patience with working out our student visa. It was a great experience for us with NZ Connexions. We also want to thank Patricia and Madhvi for looking after all our educational and financial documents. We must say that all of you were very helpful and supportive. Thank you for all the guidance and taking care of every minute detail of our immigration process. To be precise we would say that you are very efficient with your work ethics, very firm and knowledgeable about the entire immigration process. We honor your way of working things through and much respect for your experience. You and your team is the reason why we are here in New Zealand today. All the process would be impossible without the hard work and follow up given by the staff.. ...read more

Sanjeev Bhavnani Aug 22, 2017
I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your staff for assisting me with my partnership based work visa and my daughter’s student visa. Your service is commendable and I truly appreciate the tremendous time and effort that you have put in all throughout the application process by giving me valuable advice. I am proud to say that I have chosen the right immigration adviser who is reliable and offers the best service. (Via email)

Ila and Nitin Mishra July 7, 2017
I am writing to let you know how much I and my partner appreciate the outstanding service that you and your team provided during our visa process in the last 10 months. ...read more

Saurabh Mane July 7, 2017
There are many things remained from informing you starting from my last few days in India, and my new phase of life in Wellington for last four months. I will catch up with you on that soon but the main reason to write this mail is, I would like to express my gratitude for being one of your candidate who got opportunity to migrate to New Zealand. My first term of post-graduate education is coming to an end, but my gratitude for you as my educational adviser would not end. For my application to get higher education in this country, you have served well as my guide not just in my academics, but also in life in general. Here I would specifically like to mention Mrs. Sadarangani and Mrs. D’souza as they have provided me the utmost support required during the documentation and confirmation of my application. Thank you for allowing me to learn from my own mistakes. You have served as my guardian during the initial procedure, and I will stay forever grateful of that fact. I am really proud to be one of your candidate. I hope to be guided by you as I go out to the real world after completing my post-graduation. (Via email).

Shivam Sinha July 7, 2017
I would like to extend my utmost gratitude and thankfulness to the entire team of NZ Connexions for helping me in getting my Student Visa miraculously in a span of 10 working days. My case was extremely complicated due to a prior rejection and a very short time span, yet with meticulous efforts from Kishore sir and Patricia madam the impossible was made possible. The clarity with which the papers were organised, the way with which each and every document was given due attention , all added up to the successful approval of my student visa for a time period of three years. Patricia madam has always kept a positive attitude and used her in depth knowledge of all the processes to my benefit. I am at lack of words to express my gratitude towards Kishore sir who took my case into his experienced and capable hands and made possible the nearly impossible task. I would like to conclude by thanking each and every member of NZ connexions team who has helped to make my dreams come true. (Via email).

Priscilla Joel June 13, 2017
I take this opportunity to express all my appreciation and honest thanks for the tremendous time and effort you and your team had spent with me during the last months. You made sure that I submitted all the requirements in a well-designed manner. Thank you for your help, guidance and constant support. I am really very happy to be associated with you and the team. Your encouragement and motivation boosted my confidence and made me to move forward. It’s really commendable to see how you organise your time and inspire at every step to enable me to succeed. I once again extend my heartfelt thanks to you Sir, Ms. Madhavi and Ms.Patricia for supporting and encouraging me at every stage. (Via email).

Israt Sultana Jun 6, 2017
Firstly I would like to thank you for believing in us and making the impossible happen. ...read more

Mithila, Avinash and Reyansh May 22, 2017
We, Mithila, Avinash and Reyansh thank you for making our journey to a hopeful future here in New Zealand so magnificent and wonderful! We only had a thought in our minds of moving to New Zealand but you changed it into a reality with all your effort and hard work. You made the entire process so easy ...read more

Farid Hajiyani Feb 12, 2017
I am deeply grateful to you and your team at NZ CONNEXIONS for filing my work visa application which was successfully accepted. I write this email as I prepare for a new journey in New Zealand and thought of taking out a moment to thank you for guiding me with your experience and expertise. I cannot thank Patricia enough for her meticulous support pertaining to documentation. I would definitely recommend NZ CONNEXIONS to anyone looking for quality services and expert advise pertaining to immigration to New Zealand (in fact I already have). (Via email).

Gurudatta Vishwasrao Jan 29, 2017
I write this letter in appreciation to the service and guidance i received from Mr. Kishore and all the staff at NZ Connexions. My decision to pursue higher studies in New Zealand dawned upon me just a few couple of months before the semester started at Auckland University of Technology. Given the short timeline, the entire admission process had to be done and completed on a strict timeline. The whole process involved quite a bit of documentation, certificate issuance and other paperwork which would have been a mammoth task hadn’t it been for the expertise and knowledgeable guidance of Kishore Sir & his team. Not only that, but they also helped me identify the best suitable college offering the degree which served as the best fit for my education plans. I once again deeply thank NZ Connexions for guiding me and putting me onto this path I have chosen, and constantly being in touch to ensure smooth sailing. Special thanks to Ms. Patricia who handled my case really great support and responsibly.(via email).

Adarsh Tandon Dec 31, 2016
I really feel delighted to have contacted  M/s N Z Connexions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai; regarding our VISA application to NZ. I am highly impressed with the professional approach & sound knowledge that they have about their business. Time to time they have been guiding us on different issues most promptly and politely. They remained fully associated with us till the time we got our VISA. I have best of my wishes for Mr. Kishore Sadarangani and his team (via email).

Shweta Madiwale Oct 5, 2016
I got the partnership visa for NZ in just four weeks without an interview call! Such perfect detailed and complete documentation, at first go exhibits the experience and knowledge that you and your team has regarding NZ visa requirements and processes...read more

Magno and Bernadine Sep 28, 2016
Myself and my wife take this opportunity to thank you very much for the valuable guidance given to us in our path to obtain a resident visa to New Zealand. It was indeed an enormous task to put the papers in place but for your great assistance and guidance. Patricia, your experienced Manager gave us a detailed list of documents that were necessary to procure and submit to your office before the ultimate...read more

Arlene and Patrick Sep 28, 2016
I walked into NZ connexions office along with my husband a year ago. One year down the line I am writing this testimonial from Auckland. Thus, it very well proves the great job Mr Kishore and Patricia have done to assist me in my student visa to New Zealand. Unlike many of the other oversea agents that you keep seeing around, NZ connexions are not one of those who heavily market themselves or the ones you see any ads of. They are what they are because of the service they render in helping file applications for New Zealand visa. ...read more

Carol Sep 28, 2016
Thank you for your timely guidance through my documentation and visa to New Zealand. Right from my pick up from the airport till date I have received tremendous support from everyone here. Thanks to you! Had it not been for your assurance, promptness and help, I would have never been able to purse my dream in New Zealand...read more

Tanveer and Ebrahim Sayyed Sep 21, 2016
I would like to express my gratitude to NZ Connexions for turning a mere thought into reality. It has been a wonderful experience meeting such a competent team working meticulously over every little detail. Mr. Kishore has been an excellent guide right from the beginning and can’t thank him enough for his honest and wonderful ways of taking us through the journey! Beena has been a pillar of support to us, every time we felt things seem difficult she always comforted and has actually been there as a part of our struggle. We are very touched by her selfless supporting gestures and concern. We can never forget her kindness and warmth. We consider ourselves fortunate to have met Mr.Kishore whose confidence is contagious and we pray that he and his entire team grows multifolds and may God bless them all!

Deep Sachan Aug24, 2016
I want to express my sincere appreciation for your efforts to get my student visa approved. It was not so easy to get it after one rejection but you people made it easier. I talked to many advisers and consultants but I didn’t get any proper guidance and I was very confused & disappointed. Finally I made my last call to Mr. Kishore, he assured me after verifying all documents that there is nothing wrong, just because of lack of information your visa was rejected. He enlighten a hope inside me to get visa and because of him I regain my confidence. Mr. Kishore and entire team are highly experienced. As there is a great effort made by Deepa, she called me up 1000 times on phone to guide & help me to complete my documentations.I just want to say a big thanks to Deepa & Patricia for their efforts to accomplish my dream. Seriously, I don’t have words to express my happiness, just because of you guys. Hence, I appreciate and highly recommend NZ Connexions for immigration consultancy to New Zealand. Thanks, Deep S Sachan

Abhijeet and Megha Aug 1, 2016
After being misguided by another agent, we couldn’t trust another agent and were very skeptical about taking their services. But, we were happy to find out that you are a licensed immigration Advisor. We still remember the day when we first came to your office after we thought that it was almost impossible to settle in NZ. But, in the first meeting itself after speaking with you and Patricia, we knew that we made the right decision to hire your services…..read more

Niraj and Mallika Singhvi, Jul 10, 2016
We are please to write this appreciation letter to inform about our entire journey with NZ Connexions Pvt Ltd which we experienced during our New Zealand visa paperwork. During our tenure of our visa NZ Connexions performed their work with determination and sincerity. As we observed the entire team was very active, well qualified and…..read more

Kedar Krishnan, Jul 10, 2016 
I can’t thank you enough for such wonderful and professionalized service, you provided for obtaining my Student Visa. I had lost my hope when acceptance from the college was delayed and we had to work in a very tight schedule to obtain the visa so as to give me ample time to serve notice of my resignation to the company I was working. I really appreciate the way my case was handled by you with timely follow up. Thank you Patricia….You are a star, you always guided me on the right path and were very supportive and were always available for any queries. You will be always be remembered in my life as it wouldn’t have be possible without your immense guidance and advice with a smiling face. I am extremely thankful for helping me to start my journey towards a new life in New Zealand. (via email).

Rahul Nayyar, Jun 29, 2016 Testimonials NZ Connexions
I would like to thank you and your team for all the help, support and guidance I had received in this entire process. Personally I appreciate your time and input as it was not a straightforward case. Thank you very much. I will be in touch. (via email)

We get many good testimonials from our clients but I would class this one as the cutest, June 17, 2006…..read more

Seema and Uddhav Waghmare, Jun 17, 2016 
We decided 2 years back that we wanted to settle in New Zealand but then we were not sure about the whole visa process and other things required for the permanent residency visa. After getting in touch with NZ Connexions we were confident that our dream of settling in kiwiland would definitely be fulfilled. You and your team guided us in each and every step and presented our case in such a strong way that we directly got resident visa without any job offers….read more

Shannu Punjabi, Mar 28, 2016 
I don’t know from where to start 2002 or 2015 as I met you guys almost 12 years ago. But I strongly believe that I should begin with 2002 as these long years  proves the genuineness and authenticity of your existence. Although I consider myself a good narrator and a good speaker but I am finding it very difficult to explain my WOW experience with you. I came to know about the fact that migrating to any other country is possible in 2002 but it took me 12 long years to decide, if I should do it or not. And I am completely amazed to get my visa and my husband’s VISA within a week’s time without any phone call or query being raised by immigration department. During the course of filling the visa papers, my interaction with you guys was very satisfactory and helpful. I am also looking forward your kind support when I will be filling my PR papers. Once again, I thank all the team members specially Patricia for extending the help to get our VISA. I wish good luck to team NZ Connection for today and forever.

Suraj Barnawal, Mar 7, 2016 
As said experience cannot be bought or sold, to sum up one of the best in terms of knowledge and expertise. Life is always about second chance and that’s what my 6 months was all about, ups and downs, mental and monetary stress and in that when you get the best guidance can’t ask for more. It was all well planed and you had answered for all my questions I read many testimony on your site and office wall the first day, was wondering will I have mine too here and here I am writing one after my Visa, you are the most confident person I know with the best guidance. It will take a lot of words to explain and express my gratitude, but I can only say thanks and will soon get in touch for my future requirements. Highly recommended

Simona Aranjo, Feb 22, 2016
Words fail to explain the gratitude I have towards you all for making possible my second chance! Your hard work and efforts for a complicated and difficult case like mine is commendable. I remember the first time I walked into your office with no hope and only visited your office as I used to see your sign when travelling by train. But after my meeting, the positive attitude gave me a feeling that things may just work out. It was still a shot in the dark but a chance worth taking and it paid off!! You guys have pulled through the impossible for me! (Something one of the so called “Best” lawyers in New Zealand could not make happen) I will be definitely coming back to you for any of my future New Zealand Immigration matters and highly recommend you to anyone wanting to move to New Zealand. Thank you once again for everything and will be in touch.Simona Aranjo (via email).

Vikram Goyal, Feb 17, 2016
I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service provided to me by the team of NZ Connexions and acknowledge Kishore for handling my special case regarding my work visa for New Zealand. Kishore was a tremendous help to me with his vast experience and knowledge to handle different cases pertaining to immigration for New Zealand…read more

David John, Feb 17, 2016
I would like to thank Mr. Kishore and his team who helped me in procuring my work visa to New Zealand. I am glad that I made a right choice in selecting NZ Connexions. Your expertise and help was invaluable during the visa application process. I was deeply impressed by the sincerity and professionalism. It was only because of your proper guidance and assistance provided that helped me to get the work visa so quickly. Your continuous assistance at each stage and encouragement helped me a lot. I have no doubts in recommending each and every person to take the assistance of NZ Connexions who will direct them on the path which is legally correct. I would once again extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to each and every one in NZ Connexions. David John (via email).

Raghu Verma, Jan 27, 2016
When I started my New Zealand Immigration process with some other Consultant based out of Chennai, my chances of migration seemed pretty bleak because of the wrong guidance given by them. When I came in contact with NZ Connexions in Sep-2014, Kishore Sadarangani had changed the complete landscape of my application in no matter of time and resubmitted my EOI with abundant points to successfully receive the ITA…..read more

Virendra Nalawde, Dec 12, 2015
“I would like to thanks NZ Connexions Pvt Ltd .for the assistance and help provided to me during the student visa process .Visa process was seamlessly done under your guidance. I would like to appreciate Kishore Sir & Patricia and her team for getting visa done well in advance .Your expertise and help was invaluable during the visa application process . I wish NZ Connexions continued success in the future.” Virendra VN (via email) “

Shweta Khobragade, Dec 7, 2015
“As usual I have no words to thank you for all your efforts, to push and get my Father’s Visa very fast, which we had requested for at a very very last minute, just over 3 weeks, for the entire process – collection of required documents, etc. I knew, only you both could do it. This I can say because you had solved, my own almost impossible case, earlier in the year, when I had gone to NZ. You 2 are really very great. Any more words cannot express my gratitude. I know to get something done and in orderly manner,you have to go through grinding process of getting the right papers, as per your normal procedure, which is perfectly correct as per your Standards.And in future, I will definately approach you both / NZ Connexions, for my family and myself.” Shweta (via email) “

Danny D’souza, Dec 2, 2015
“I am sure this maybe the story of a lot of people who come to NZ Connexions. After two rejections to Canada I had lost hopes about my lifetime dream of going abroad for education. I was recommeded by a cousin who came here and was successful in getting a visa for New Zealand. It was an uphill task for me to even think of another country……read more

Shivaji Adhikary & Sutapa Adhikary, Aug 11, 2015
“I still remember the first day when I had come to meet you with my wife. It gives me immense pleasure and I am full of thankfulness while I write this letter to NZ Connexions. It is only because of your team’s hard work combined with the firm determination that my wife had along with me that we have reached a day when my wife has got her student visa (and has joined her course at Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand ) and I have received my work visa (am scheduled to fly on 15th August) , and all of this in real quick time! It is indeed a job well done – KUDOS, WELL DONE & HATS OFF !!……read more

Shibi Varghese July 1, 2015
“Thanks to the wonderful trio!!! I get to live my dream and it’s because of you three. May you continue to bless many youngsters get across the world….read more

Karishma Shah and Arpit Gandhi June 2, 2015
“As I look back to the beginning of 2013, I had to face my first rejection of New Zealand’s student visa that I applied through an agent in New Zealand. Later my brother who resides in New Zealand came in contact with you. This was a turning point as you entered as a ray of light for our family……read more

Sanket Babre April 25, 2015
“On behalf of my family I would like to thank you and the NZ Connexions staff for processing of the visa for my wife Mrs Bhagyashri Gahala. We are highly grateful to you for all the support and services you have offered us…….read more

Nikita Ashok April 17, 2015
“Thank you so much!! As I mentioned to Kishore, this is really a weight off my shoulders and I am so happy…….read more

Sanket Babre, April 25, 2015
“On behalf of my family I would like to thank NZ Connexions for processing of the visa for my wife Mrs Bhagyashri Ghala. We are highly grateful for all the services and support you offered up……read more

Jaydeep Feb 19, 2015
“I am writing this letter to show my gratitude and thank you & all your team. I am deeply touched by the sincerity and professionalism you guys work with. Your keen understanding of the visa policies & facts helped me a lot in getting this work permit to New-Zealand……read more

Shweta Khobragade Nov 12, 2014
“To be very honest, I don’t understand how to express my gratitude for making my visa come through for which I had given up hope. I had actually taken a last chance of contacting you and was very apprehensive at the same time. When I came to see you with my mother, half my fear was gone. From the beginning it was just honesty and simplicity in preparing my case to immigration…..read more

Zahabia Barot, Sept 19, 2014

“When I first walked into your office I wasn’t sure which country I would travel to or what I would be studying. You helped me see the path to achieve the goals I had set for myself. Not only did you show me the path but guided me through it too. There were times when I had given up on my own destiny but you kept motivating me and encouraging me in order to achieve it…..read more

Sharon Nunes, Sept 2, 2014
“Mr Kishore provided the right approach and guidance is suggesting that the education pathway was the most suitable way for us to migrate to New Zealand. He first helped in securing Adrian’s admission in the Post Graduate Diploma of Business Management course at AIS St Helens thereby making me eligible to join my husband overseas. Through NZ Connexions proper guidance and systematic approach in gathering all the required documents, my work visa was processed speedily and now I am happily united with my husband in New Zealand…..read more

Aaseesa, August 20, 2014
“You have made my long awaited dream come true, supported and guided me whenever I lost hope. Words won’t suffice the gratitude I have for you……read more and some more

Quinton D’Souza, January 31, 2014
“I was previously denied a student visa from a previous application when I applied through another agent thus making my case complicated enough but Mr Kishore was very kind to take up my case and through his advise of selecting an appropriate institute and honest, clear and conclusive approach helped me achieve beyond what I had expected…..read more

Niloyd Pereira Dec 11,2013
“I just thought I would let you know that my flight to New Zealand is confirmed. I have secured all the required documentation for the same (Transit Visa etc.). I would like to thank you for all the guidance you have provided me with to ensure the process was flawless. Patricia’s inputs during the documentation process proved invaluable!”

Virag Kumar, August 20, 2013
“I thank you very much for your help in obtaining the work visa for me. It was your able guidance which helped me in obtaining the visa without a single query being put up by the immigration officials. Your knowledge of the procedures being followed and meticulous attention to all details led to the smooth processing of my work visa…read more

Alan Trevor Reghelini, January 11, 2013
” I am extremely thankful for your guidance and help with my admissions for Masters of Engineering, Project Management in a reputed university – Auckland University of Technology and also for helping me obtain my student visa. I appreciate your calm, composed nature and your immense patience with all my queries and for finding a solution to every situation. I salute your professionalism and your detailed, accurate work in ensuring my admission to the best college….read more

Chrysler and Leeandra D’Mello, July 30, 2012
“As I was most of the time in Oman, the coordination in regards to the documentation were difficult at times but the follow up of Patricia made it much easier. We were directed perfectly to what was needed to be done, especially when it comes to documentation. Overall, I would like to rate NZ Connexions 5/5 starts for being so helpful, friendly, prompt and professional…..read more

Vinit Bisin, Feb 11, 2012
“If it were not for your advice and support, I know that I woud not be in New Zealand doing my commercial pilot training….read more

Delnaz and Rylan, June 30, 2010
“We would first of all like to say THANKS from the bottom of our hearts. It was because of you we got our visa to New Zealand….read more

Abdoali Moiny, Feb 19, 2010
“This letter is an impression of gratitude, appreciation, intimacy and love which has imprinted upon my heart and soul and long meetings with your office for making a tour to NZ. The sincere efforts put forth by your full of Enthusiam- TEAM has put me on the sucess path namely New Zealand….read more

 Deepak Mansinghani and Family, April 25, 2009
“At a time when I needed clear guidance about my plan to migrate and do business in New Zealand. They gave me no wild promises or pies in the sky, just reliable information and an honest assessment of my chances based on year of experience in helping would-be immigrants…read more

Racheal D’souza, May 3,2008
“This is a small note to say how much I appreciate all the hard work you and your team have taken in helping me secure my visa to New Zealand. I was very much worried wheteher the doucments provided by me was sufficient enough but you made everything look so easy and everything sailed off smoothly…read more

Sarah and Tariq Lakhamsey, Jan 12, 2008
“We have no doubts in recommending each and every person heading out to a new foreign shore to take assistance
of NZ Connexions who will direct them on the path that is righteous and legally correct. We once again extend
out sincere thanks to each and everyone in NZ Connexions…read more

Subrato Banerjee, Feb 23, 2007
“I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for immaculate services rendered by NZ Connexions in sending me to New Zealand for studies. It was my dream country which at last I succeeded with the help of NZ Connexions which otherwise would have remained just a dream…read more

Karen Ribeiro,Jan 20, 2007
“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for all your efforts in helping me obtain my Australian PR Visa…read more”

Savio Sequeira, May 9, 2006
“Family like atmosphere, professional attitude in a family setting, results is the only thing that matters…read more”

Joan D’Mello, Sept 6, 2005
“It is with a heartfelt of gratitude that I pen these few lines to tell you that I owe it all to you… ..read more”

Jaideep Dighe, May 25, 2005
“Words are not enough to thank the NZ Connexions team for the excellent service. With your help the process has been smooth and we were surprised at how quick the response from the UK came back. We couldn’t still believe that this was done within a period of a month.. ..read more”

Ajay Wagle, Feb 16, 2004
“I will be moving to New Zealand next week for my Masters in Science at the University of Waikato. Your dedication, perseverance, and efficiency to my cause have allowed my dreams to come to fruition…..read more”

Huseini Nuruddin, Tasneem Huseini, Burhanuddin Feb 18, 2003
“You have taken sincere and very able efforts to guide us in preparing the necessary documentation and also following through. Your patience and empathy have cleared many doubts and put our fears to rest….read more”

Keegan Pinto, Jan 25, 2002
“They carried out all the necessary tasks, in order to provide me with all the important documents, from university documents to my visa. Their co-ordination was obviously good as my intention to go to New Zealand is finally materializing….read more”

Roy Francis and Gracy Sebastian, Sept 5, 2001
“Let me extend my sincere thanks for your excellent and meticulous consultancy services for immigration to New Zealand….read more”

L.F.Trinidad, June 25, 2001
“I must say that you’ll were very helpful on the phone when I called up NZ Connexions to enquire about the Immigration procedure to New Zealand. You gave me all the information I wanted on the phone without any hesitation…read more”

Shreekant and Varsha Mahajan, August 19, 2002
“We are more than satisfied with the result. We also appreciate the professional approach in handling our case…read more”