Welcome to NZ Connexions – Leaders in Immigration and Education

Our company has two primary objectives: IMMIGRATION AND OVERSEAS EDUCATION.

We specialize in advising clients on the legal migration process to New Zealand. We also undertake the lodging of applications and subsequent communication with the concerned Immigration officers. We are continuously updated on developments and policy revisions in this field. We have a very successful record and are known for our integrity and ethical business practices. We have hundreds of testimonials from very satisfied clients.

In the field of overseas education, we have been successfully expanding our network and can now offer almost any course, undergraduate or postgraduate in New Zealand. Our network of universities and institutes is continuously expanding. This has enabled us to satisfy students with diverse interests. We are also doing overseas education for UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

Our director, Mr Kishore Sadarangani (India’s first Licensed  Immigration Adviser) appears in a video clip on the YouTube video. He is very well known in the Immigration New Zealand community in India with 21 years experience in the field. Our team includes yet another Licensed Immigration Adviser based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Noteworthy facts about New  Zealand.

  •  New Zealand is a democracy and in 1893 was the first country in the world to give voting rights to women.
  •  English is the most widely spoken language but the Maori language is also commonly used and is New Zealand’s second  language.
  •  New Zealand’s land area is approximately the same  as that of Great Britain, Japan or Vietnam.
  •  In 2013 it was awarded the title of ” Safest country in the world”.
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