About Us

We welcome all visitors to our website. We have tried to put forth information in a simple, clear and helpful manner to enable you to take the big decision of seeking a new life and future in a new country.

about us nz connexionsWith our honest and forthright presentation of facts, we have built up a reputation for integrity and reliability since 1998. We are highly specialized in New Zealand and handle all types of visas such as Student, Work, Residence, Spouse, Parent, Entrepreneur and Investor visas.  Our knowledge about various immigration policies is thorough and we are successful in lodging and securing approvals for tough cases.

Our stress has been on creating successful immigrants who are fully aligned and absorbed into the workforce and society. These happy and successful immigrants have passed on the message back home resulting in increasing numbers of clients through word of mouth and referrals. Over the last decade we have consistently maintained one of the highest success rates for students among licensed advisers.

We advise students about the correct study programme to enable them to have a successful future. We also advise them about migration to New Zealand if they wish to settle there. Our services are customized to the student’s needs and overall goals. For married couples we offer personalized counseling to cater to their specific needs. Our staff in Mumbai consists of our adviser and 7 other members including 4 fully experienced and trained counselors.  They are fully trained to attend to the needs of our clients. We assure you of complete reliability, integrity, expertise and total dedication in making you a happy and successful immigrant. We abide by the Code of Conduct and Competency Standards of the Immigration Advisers Authority of the New Zealand government.