Niloyd Pereira Dec 11,2013
“I just thought I would let you know that my flight to New Zealand is confirmed. I have secured all the required documentation for the same (Transit Visa etc.). I would like to thank you for all the guidance you have provided me with to ensure the process was flawless. Patricia’s inputs during the documentation process proved invaluable!”

Virag Kumar, August 20, 2013
“I thank you very much for your help in obtaining the work visa for me. It was your able guidance which helped me in obtaining the visa without a single query being put up by the immigration officials. Your knowledge of the procedures being followed and meticulous attention to all details led to the smooth processing of my work visa…read more

Alan Trevor Reghelini, January 11, 2013
” I am extremely thankful for your guidance and help with my admissions for Masters of Engineering, Project Management in a reputed university – Auckland University of Technology and also for helping me obtain my student visa. I appreciate your calm, composed nature and your immense patience with all my queries and for finding a solution to every situation. I salute your professionalism and your detailed, accurate work in ensuring my admission to the best college….read more

Chrysler and Leeandra D’Mello, July 30, 2012
“As I was most of the time in Oman, the coordination in regards to the documentation were difficult at times but the follow up of Patricia made it much easier. We were directed perfectly to what was needed to be done, especially when it comes to documentation. Overall, I would like to rate NZ Connexions 5/5 starts for being so helpful, friendly, prompt and professional…..read more

Vinit Bisin, Feb 11, 2012
“If it were not for your advice and support, I know that I woud not be in New Zealand doing my commercial pilot training….read more

Delnaz and Rylan, June 30, 2010
“We would first of all like to say THANKS from the bottom of our hearts. It was because of you we got our visa to New Zealand….read more

Abdoali Moiny, Feb 19, 2010
“This letter is an impression of gratitude, appreciation, intimacy and love which has imprinted upon my heart and soul and long meetings with your office for making a tour to NZ. The sincere efforts put forth by your full of Enthusiam- TEAM has put me on the sucess path namely New Zealand….read more

 Deepak Mansinghani and Family, April 25, 2009
“At a time when I needed clear guidance about my plan to migrate and do business in New Zealand. They gave me no wild promises or pies in the sky, just reliable information and an honest assessment of my chances based on year of experience in helping would-be immigrants…read more

Racheal D’souza, May 3,2008
“This is a small note to say how much I appreciate all the hard work you and your team have taken in helping me secure my visa to New Zealand. I was very much worried wheteher the doucments provided by me was sufficient enough but you made everything look so easy and everything sailed off smoothly…read more

Sarah and Tariq Lakhamsey, Jan 12, 2008
“We have no doubts in recommending each and every person heading out to a new foreign shore to take assistance
of NZ Connexions who will direct them on the path that is righteous and legally correct. We once again extend
out sincere thanks to each and everyone in NZ Connexions…read more

Subrato Banerjee, Feb 23, 2007
“I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for immaculate services rendered by NZ Connexions in sending me to New Zealand for studies. It was my dream country which at last I succeeded with the help of NZ Connexions which otherwise would have remained just a dream…read more

Karen Ribeiro,Jan 20, 2007
“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for all your efforts in helping me obtain my Australian PR Visa…read more”

Savio Sequeira, May 9, 2006
“Family like atmosphere, professional attitude in a family setting, results is the only thing that matters…read more”

Joan D’Mello, Sept 6, 2005
“It is with a heartfelt of gratitude that I pen these few lines to tell you that I owe it all to you… ..read more”

Jaideep Dighe, May 25, 2005
“Words are not enough to thank the NZ Connexions team for the excellent service. With your help the process has been smooth and we were surprised at how quick the response from the UK came back. We couldn’t still believe that this was done within a period of a month.. ..read more”

Ajay Wagle, Feb 16, 2004
“I will be moving to New Zealand next week for my Masters in Science at the University of Waikato. Your dedication, perseverance, and efficiency to my cause have allowed my dreams to come to fruition…..read more”

Huseini Nuruddin, Tasneem Huseini, Burhanuddin Feb 18, 2003
“You have taken sincere and very able efforts to guide us in preparing the necessary documentation and also following through. Your patience and empathy have cleared many doubts and put our fears to rest….read more”

Keegan Pinto, Jan 25, 2002
“They carried out all the necessary tasks, in order to provide me with all the important documents, from university documents to my visa. Their co-ordination was obviously good as my intention to go to New Zealand is finally materializing….read more”

Roy Francis and Gracy Sebastian, Sept 5, 2001
“Let me extend my sincere thanks for your excellent and meticulous consultancy services for immigration to New Zealand….read more”

L.F.Trinidad, June 25, 2001
“I must say that you’ll were very helpful on the phone when I called up NZ Connexions to enquire about the Immigration procedure to New Zealand. You gave me all the information I wanted on the phone without any hesitation…read more”

Shreekant and Varsha Mahajan, August 19, 2002
“We are more than satisfied with the result. We also appreciate the professional approach in handling our case…read more”