Testimonials -2

Jai Kocharekar Dec 10, 2019
I would like to start with a big and huge thank you to NZ Connexions but I am sure I can’t be thankful enough as my visa was next to impossible to be granted but NZ Connexions made it work for me. I had 2 rejections on my Section 61 and before that I had an employer assissted visa rejection. That is the time I came back to India. After that I had one more rejection on my partnership visa. But inspite of all the rejections….read more

Jyoti Jaisinghani Dec 11, 2019
We would like to take this opportunity to thank NZ connexions for helping us achieve our goals. They are thorough professionals and will give you the right advice from day one. Kishore Sir is a pioneer in this business and his guidance has definitely helped us take the right decision. Dr Manju pays attention to every detail and will not submit your application until she is convinced that everything is in order. Special thanks Ayana and Nirav who made the documentation process seamless. They are extremely hardworking and were very supportive and motivating throughout the entire process. They assisted us with all our queries and entertained our calls any time of the day despite being busy with so many applications. I would certainly recommend NZ Connexions to anyone who is planning to move to NZ as a student or a resident.(via email)

Hepsy Sunayana Bathina Dec 4, 2019
Warm wishes to ”victorious team” which is proven once again in my case. My heart full thanks to Kishore sir , Ayana and the entire crew. NZ Connexions created a path for my career development. You filled the gap between my dreams and reality. From the day When I contacted you by a phone call till the end of Visa processing you helped me in the entire process. I didn’t even expect that I will get offer letter with in 3 days from the date of application has been sent. You people have an true knowledge about where and what to do with proper checklist. Kishore sir is excellent in his work. Even he goes through the finest of every single document that we submit. When I missed out doing something things to submit Ayana took care about it. She is so dedicated person and did everything on time with perfect accuracy at Visa lodgement. I’m sorry at times I just irritated you with many doubts and questions. But you were never tired of answering me 24/7. Your processing time is no lesser than a jet speed. It was so very glad to be a part with successful team like you. I am the happiest girl now to get my Visa on Dec 3rd ’19. This is what I waited for and truly appreciate entire team. Thank you for all your support and patience through out the whole process of my student visa. (via email)

Melwyn Noronha Aug 31, 2019
Thank you very much for the services by you and your team. You and your team helped me in every minute details with regards to my Student Visa. It was definitely a great surprise and the best news for me. The team was fantastic and supportive, professional and the whole process was made so much easier for me to get Student Visa. I will definitely be recommending your services to others(via email)

Shashi Kumar Bhat Aug 26, 2019
Let me thank you for facilitating an opportunity to study with EIT and the programme which I wished to pursue. Depsite of the Visa issues, your push to immigration has helped a lot to get the student visa to join the programme from Day 1. I will be surely availing NZ related further visa services from you to bring my family to NZ next year. As your services are very prompt and judicious, I would like to retain your services in future as well. Convey my regard to all your staff, who were kind enough to support during my visa processing phases.(via email)

Harifa Banu Ponthala May 12, 2019
I am very thankful to you, Akanksha and your team for helping me in getting admission with Toi Ohomoi Institute of technology and securing the student visa for NZ. You have been always available, providing guidance and helping out to expedite the process. I am happy that I made the right choice in connecting with you in my pursuit of studying in NZ. I highly appreciate you for taking the time, efforts, being highly organized and professionals in your work and making things happen for me. The experience you carry in this field and dedication to the student’s need is much appreciated which has been one of the primary reasons for a smooth immigration process. I am hoping to achieve my goals by making this move and looking forward to your support for future immigration needs.(via email)

Kapil Patil May 8, 2019
I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you both have spent in processing my visa application on highest priority especially when I was in a difficult family situation. Once again, I respect the immense knowledge and expertise you have, when we talk about NZ visa application process. It’s really commendable to see how you organize your time and inspire your team members to move forward. Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me in the critical situation. Lastly I would like to thank all the NZ Connexions staff (including outdoor staff) who directly and indirectly helped to complete my application ASAP.(via email)

Roshan Warghat March 8, 2019
I am Roshan Warghat, a engineering graduate(Information Technology) by qualification but was working in O&G industry till my last job. Nothing was working well and I tried for Canada but unfortunately my visa got rejected there. Then we got involved with NZ Connexions Pvt Ltd and Kishore sir when I applied for New Zealand by their guidance and I should tell that Sir has been a gem and Nirmala Madam who had the patience to listen all my silly questions and answering them with a smile always. Thank you so much and I’m here in Auckland for my Masters in Computers and Information Sciences from Auckland University of Technology(AUT), a level-9 course for February intake-2019….(via email)

Adrian De Souza Feb 1, 2019
We were thinking of making a change from the hectic and stressful life of Mumbai. We found your company through the New Zealand Immigration website and decided to come over to meet you and explore what it would be like to live in New Zealand for a few years. When we met you at the end of July 2018, we absorbed everything that you told us in great detail. We returned to meet you once again in August 2018, decided to take the plunge and leave Mumbai for Auckland. My wife Sylvia even decided to study there, pursuing her Masters in Early Childhood Education. It took us hardly one month to put all our documents together under your guidance, with the support of your office. Sylvia got her admission and student visa within a month and left Mumbai for Auckland on the 4th of October 2018. I got my work visa within 7 working days and our three children got their domestic student visas immediately thereafter. We traveled to Auckland later, on 15th January 2019. Our 3 children have got admission into the local schools, have started attending school and love it here. Everything is made so easy, in getting our IRD (PAN), mobile SIM cards, bank accounts, etc. We have rented a beautiful house, bought a car and are settling in quickly. Sylvia plans to take up a job during her summer break and I will also take up a full time job thereafter. All this has happened so quickly, yet seamlessly. We wish to appreciate the professional approach of NZ Connexions Private Limited, and to you Kishore Sadarangani in particular. Your ability to understand our situation overall and guide us to the finest detail is highly recommendable. We also highlight the friendly yet efficient manner in which your team of Madhavi and Nirmala helped us to put together all our documents within a very short span of time. If we decide to file for permanent residence, we would not hesitate to contact you once again. …(via email)

Om Prakash, Aruhsi Rao, and Samaira Elizabeth Jan 17, 2019
We would like to thank you and the staff for all the hard work in helping us to obtain New Zealand Residence Visa. It was an uphill task and was not possible without you, and your staff appreciated hard work. During the whole process, we observe Mr. Kishore Sadarangani is one of the exceptional New Zealand immigration licensed advisor in the country. He and his team have vast experience, and everyone is very supportive and cooperative.. ...read more

Munjal Patel Jan 4, 2019
Thank you for taking up our case for a visitors visa to New Zealand. I really appreciate the promptness and clarity we have had over the phone. You exceeded my expectations of getting the work done within the prescribed time. I used to get regular updates of the progress in our application. ...read more